Your Fashion Choices could be Harming your Health

According to the Wall Street Journal certain items of clothing that us ladies enjoy picking out and wearing everyday can be bad for your health.

You’ve heard about a bad diet being bad your for your body, that’s understandable, but a bad wardrobe can affect your health as well… who would have thought?

My heart sunk when I saw skinny jeans on the list, as they are pretty much all I wear , apparently Skinnies can cause nerve compression (that itchy or tingly feeling you have when you wear them for too long), digestive problems and generally you increase your likelihood of having more ‘potential problems’.

So I guess squeezing into your Skinnies on one of those notorious ‘fat’ days us women get is probably not the best thing to do…

Ill-fitting bras can cause back pain.. if they are too tight it can cut into your skin, too loose you just won’t get that support needed. This point wasn’t too much of a surprise to me, but with different bra sizes in different shops it can make knowing your true size a tad bit confusing. My advice whatever store you get your delicates from, get measured!! It could increase your comfort ten-fold.

So if your reading this, expecting to see shoes on the list specifically high heels, you would be correct. Have you ever gone out for a night in your best outfit and dynamite heels that happen to measure around the four to six inch mark? And after a few hours of standing, dancing or whatever you are doing, have you ever thought the pain was too much… I mean come on is this crippling pain really worth it?
OF COURSE IT IS! Shoes are everything to a woman, they complete or make an outfit and generally increase happiness endorphins in your body making you feel extra good.

But after finding out that aside from having consequences like blisters and bunions (not so good people), you could actually cause some of the bones in your foot to die due to lack of circulation – that ‘s kind of shocking. Whoa this thing just got serious… I’m all about looking good in shoes, but I think I have just found something that would make me think twice about my footwear choice.

There’s a whole host of other things that could potentially be bad for you, like flip flops, jewellery, handbags, body shapers etc who knew our fashion choices could be hazardous to the health… But judging from the list in the journal are researchers being overzealous?

Has this put you off wearing these items of clothing ever again?