The Schiaparelli Fashion House is Returning

The great thing about the 2012 Met Gala was that it celebrated two fantastic designers of their times – Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli.

Many may not of heard of the Schiaparelli before this years Met Gala but she was a revolutionary designer of her time in the 30s and 40s.

Now, Diego Della Valle plans to revive the fashion house, whether it’s down to the buzz gained from the Met or just a happy coincidence, now seems to be a pretty perfect time for the revival of the fashion house.

According to WWD Tod’s boss Della Valle brought the Schiaparelli’s archives and trademarks in 2006 – so way before the Met but perhaps he was just biding his time? He has decided to relaunch and extend the label into accessories, fragrances, cosmetics and some clothes too.

Della Valle stated ‘The idea with Schiaparelli is to propose the brand with all its modernity, and represent dreams, art and all the most sophisticated things we can do, This brand doesn’t have to get involved in the frenetic world of numbers, accounts and dimensions, but it just has to express itself at its best.’

Della Valle has decided on model Farida Khelfa to be the brand’s new muse and spokesperson but there’s no news on who will head the designs for the brand. We wonder who the designer will be? Let the rumours begin…