Rihanna Spices it up for Terry Richardson Shoot

Terry Richardson has made somewhat of a name for himself as a fashion photographer and well, it looks like he has been up to his old antics once again. This time, Rihanna was Terry’s muse and you have got to admit that these two working together is sort of like a match made in heaven.

Rihanna is known for her overly seductive photos, you only have to follow her on twitter to know she loves a good sexy pose, so we pretty much knew that Terry’s images were going to be some pretty steamy stuff – they did not disappoint.

View more images of Rihanna shot by Terry Richardson

The black and white photos see the scantily clad star posing with Terry, with out Terry, from the side, from behind… basically from every angle. Rihanna looks great as usual, (although I would question if there has been a little too much photoshop work being used on her legs). But the question is… are we getting into tacky land here?